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Project Runeberg's front page for April 1996:

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The Swedish Bible is now complete!

Few books have been as important to nordic litterature as the Bible. It is with pride that we can now announce that the complete text of the official Swedish translation from 1917 is now avaliable on-line.

One of the first things that were published in Project Runeberg was a list of all the chapter headings from the Bible. This was sometime before October 1993. Since then, about twenty persons have worked together to enter the entire text. In March 1996, one major mile-stone in that task was completed when the entire text was entered.

There are, however, more tasks left before the Swedish Bible edition is finished. Most of the text has not been proofread yet. Your help is needed to finish the task.

Lysator's is one of the Most
Popular Web Servers in Sweden

Lysator was one of 20 nominees, when three Swedish computer magazines teamed up to arrange the annual Swedish Web Championships. The readers' votes made the verdict. Lysator achieved the second place among the non-profit nominees, and a third total.

We did win last year, when the Swedish Web Site Championships (Sajt-SM) were arranged for the first time.

Sweden: The Politics of Culture

(In Swedish only) Den svenska kulturutredningen Kulturpolitikens inriktning (SOU 1995:84) har till syfte att utvärdera den statliga kulturpolitiken i ett tjugoårsperspektiv och dra upp nya riktlinjer. Datorn och Internet kan spela en viktig roll som verktyg för framtidens kultur. Läs utredningen!

Can you use Project Runeberg at School?

In 1996 we hope and believe that Project Runeberg will be used in schools at all levels. We are looking for ways to help teachers and students in this, and we need your ideas! We already know that C A M Lindman's Illustrated Nordic Flora (in Swedish: Bilder ur Nordens Flora) is a popular item.

We hope that our index of Nordic Authors will grow to become a full-scale encyclopedia. This will strengthen the role of Project Runeberg as the Internet's most important Nordic literature resource. We invite literary societies who want information published about their Nordic authors.

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