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Support for Windows CE

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Support for WindowsCE

by Anders Borg (welcome to visit my home page)

[See also Support for 3Com PalmPilot]

These are my empirically determined recommendations. I have a PDA with alphanumeric keyboard, so some of the hints might not be applicable to the palm-size models.

Ebooks in plain text can be directly uploaded to the PDA for reading in Pocket Word. No conversion is needed (nor done). Zooming up to 150% provides good readability. That's quicker than changing the font.

Also ebooks in HTML can be directly uploaded, but note that the web browser in WindowsCE is quite slow on longer files. Ebooks split up on chapters are normally no problem though.

To get higher opening and browsing speed on a large HTML file and also enable note taking directly in the file I first open it in MS Word (having the Internet/HTML extension installed) and save it in Word format. Then I copy/convert to the PDA. Virtually all formatting is retained.

To download a book split up on many HTML files, and that might contain pictures as well, I use Teleport Plus. Available in a demo version. There are other off-line browsing tools that should work as well. Check at for instance Winfiles.com.

There are specific book/text reading software for WindowsCE. The ones I've tested so far are HandyBook and BookWorm that both work well. Both are available in demo versions. If you find other book/text readers please let me know. There might be more coming up at Winfiles.com, HPC.net, etc. later.

WindowsCE PDAs have plenty of memory for ebooks, so sometimes I bring along several volumes on trips.

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