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(1920) [MARC] Author: Helmer Key - Tema: Americana
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American Year Book: 1918, 1919, Edited by Francis G. Wickware, New
York and London 1919, 1920.

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London, 1914.

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Essays”, Boston 1918.

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Beard, Mary: ”A Short History of the American Labor Movement”,
New York 1920.

Belasco, David: ”The Theatre through its Stage Door”, edited by Louis
V. Defoe, New York and London 1919.

Blow, Ben: ”California Highways”, a descriptive record of Road
Development. San Francisco 1920.

Bryce, James: ”The American Commonwealth”. Vols I, II. New
Edition, New York 1919.

Bureau of the Census: ”Birth Statistics for the Birth Registration Area
of U. S. 1917”. Edited by Department of Commerce, Washington

Bureau of the Census: ”Marriage and Divorce 1916”, Edited by
Department of Commerce, Washington 1919.

California Development Board: ”Resources and Possibilities” San
Francisco 1919.

Cheney, Sheldon: ”The New Movement in the Theatre”, New York 1914.

Chicago Harbor Commission: ”Report to the Mayor and Aldermen of
the City of Chicago”, Chicago 1919.

Clyde Fitch: ”Plays”, Memorial Edn, 4 Vols, by Montrose J. Moses and
Virginia Gerson, Boston 1915.

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