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Peder Palladius

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Palladius, Peder (1503-1560), bishop, writer, Denmark.

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His younger brother was Niels Palladius.

The following editions of Peder Palladius, En visitatsbog, are listed in REXwww (REX1, REX2) database of the Royal Library in Copenhagen:

Visitatsbog, udgivet efter Haandskriftet paa det Store Kongelige Bibliothek af A. C. L. Heiberg (R.C.L. ?), 1867
Peder Palladius' Visitatsbog, udg. af Lis Jacobsen, 1925
En visitatsbog, Folkeudg, 1940
En visitatsbog, Genfortalt af Johannes Kaas, 1957
Johannes Kaas is a pseudonym for Egon Nielsen.
Reprinted in facsimile (Fotografisk optryk ... med enkelte ændringer), 1981
Translated into French (Paroisses vivantes : Un livre de visite) by Jean Sauter, 1963


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