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Fr. Winkel Horn

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Winkel Horn, Fr. (1845-1898), writer, literature historian, translator, Denmark.

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Frederik Winkel Horn, Danish writer, born 19 Jul 1845, died 17 Nov 1898. Started out in archaeology, but turned over to the history of literature. Since 1892 he was the editor of Hagerup's Illustreret konversationslexikon.

Translator from French to Danish, active 1871-1898.



Peder Syv, 1878
PhD dissertation
Mennesket i forhistorisk tid, 1878
Den danske litteraturs historie, 2 vol., 1881
Grundtvigs liv og gerning, 1883
Biography of N.F.S. Grundtvig
Den śldre Edda, 1869
Translation to Danish (from Old Norse) by F.W.H. of the poetic Edda.
Billeder af livet paa Island, 3 vol., 1871-1876
Nordiske heltesagaer, 1876
E. Bellamy, Anno 2000-1889, novel, 1889
Translated to Danish by F.W.H.
Saxo Grammaticus, Danmarks historie, 1896-1898
Translation to Danish (from Latin) by F.W.H.
Ludvig Holbergs levnedsbreve, 1897
On Ludvig Holberg

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