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(1889) [MARC] Author: Karl Baedeker
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here, while the fjord below is quite calm, in which case the night
must he spent at the gaard, or the excursion must be renounced
altogether. It is desirable to have one or more extra rowers in
addition to the guide (fee for each person 1 kr.) This magnificent
mountain-lake is 6 Kil. in length, and the row to its upper end takes
nearly 1 y2 kr. j about halfway we enjoy a fine retrospective view
of the huge snow-mantle of the Folgefond. On the left, farther on,
the picturesque Tyssestrenge fall from a precipice upwards of 500 ft.
high, uniting in one cascade about halfway down the face of the
rock. On landing at the upper end of the lake, we ascend across
‘Ur’ to the (20 min.) foot of the *Skjæggedalsfos (530 ft.), which
though perhaps less imposing than the Veringsfos (p. 62) is ranch
more picturesque. In summer the volume of water is somewhat
scanty, but when the snow is melting (Flomtid) and after heavy
rain the effect is very grand.

(6). An ascent of Mefalsskavdene (3940 ft.), to the E. of Odde,
is accomplished in 6 hrs., with guide (5 kr.); the top commands a
fine panorama of the Ringedalsvand, Sorfjord, and Folgefond.

10. Bergen and Environs.

Arrival. The Wilson steamers lay to at the Customhouse Pier; the
‘Norge’ and Hardanger boats at the Xy-Almenning; the Sogn and Nordfjord
boats at the Xykirte Bryggen; the Hamburg. Christiania, Throndhjem,
and North Cape steamers at Brabcenken, near the citadel. Porter (Bærer)
to the principal hotels, J,*-l kr. — Travellers leaving Bergen by steamboat
should, if possible, secure berths by going on board in person several
hours or even the day before the vessel starts. — The Bailway Station
(Pl. 1; p. 76) is in the S. part of the town, near the Lille Lungegaardsvand.

Hotels. "Hotel Norge, a large establishment in the Torv, near the
railway-station, R. 2*/2 6 kr.; "Holdt’s Hotel (PI. c), in the street
called Veiten. about 20 min. fröm the steamboat-quay, with baths, R. from 2,

B. 2, S. 2, D. 3 kr., L. & A. 90 ø. — "Nordstjernen (PI. d),
Raadstue-Plads , near the Exchange , and 20 min. from the landing-place, R. 2■/•>,

B. 2, D. 2, S. 2 kr.; Hotel Bergen (PI. a) Strand-Gade, to the E. of the
Nykirke, well spoken of, R. 2, B. 1, S. 1, D. 2, A. ’/a kr.; Smeby,
Strand-Gade, to the W. of the Nykirke, well spoken of, moderate charges;
these three are less pretending than lloldt’s and the ‘Norge’. —
Scandi-navje (PI. b), in the Plads called Klosteret, 10 min. from the quay,
2nd class. In summer the hotels are often full. —Restaurants at the hotels.
— Michelsen, confectioner, Olaf Kyrre’s Gade, opposite the Nygaards Park.

Cabs (at the Exchange). Per hr., with one horse, l-2pers. I1/*, 3 per9.
2, 4 pers. 21/2 kr., with two horses 2 kr., 2 kr. 70, 3 kr. 20 0.; per drive
50, 65, 80 0., outside the town-limits 80 ø., 1 kr., 1 kr. 20 ø.

Boats, here called Fløt (Fløtmand, ‘a boatman’), according to tariff (Tart).
Persons in want of a boat hail one by shouting ‘Fløt’, to which the
boatman usually replies, lJa vel, Mosjø’. A trip towards the N.W. is
described as udover, towards the Torv at the head of the bay as indover,
towards the N.E. side (Fløifjeld) as opover. and to the S.W. as nedover.

Post Office (PI. 6), Smaastrand-Gade, open from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.nr.
Telegraph Office (PI. 2), at the back of the Exchange (p. 74).

Shops. Hammer, Strand-Gade, Norwegian antiquities, modern silver
ornaments, and pictures; Brandt, Strand-Gade, furs; Kahrs, Strand-Gade,
fishing-tackle, travelling requisites, alpenstocks; Sund d Co., Strand-Gade.
tailors for ladies and gentlemen; Michelsen, Strand-Gade, wood-carvings;

Vedeler, in the Torv, figures in Norwegian costumes. — Booksellers:

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