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(1889) [MARC] Author: Karl Baedeker
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F. Beyer, Strand-Gade 2 (also photographs, stationery, etc.; information
willingly given to strangers); Giertsen, Paulson, both in the Strand-Gade.
Photographs also at K. Knudsen’s, etc. — Chemist: Monrad Krohn
(English spoken). — Cioars and Tobacco: Eeimers J- Son, Smaastrand-Gade 3,
near the post-office. — ’Wine, Tinned Goods (‘Hermetik’), and Bisccits:

C. Krøpeliens Enke, Strand-Gade 40; J. E. Mowinckel, Strand-Gade 23
(cigars also). — Spirits and Liqueurs at the not very numerous shops
belonging to the company (Brcendevins-Samlag), which monopolises the trade in
spirituous liquors. At some of the shops liquors are sold in bottles only,
at others by the glass. The shopkeepers are the servants of the company,
and derive no profit from the sale. After payment of a dividend of
Ö per cent, the surplus profits are paid to the municipality. The
‘permissive act’ under which the company has bought up all the licenses
to sell spirits, has been adopted by many other Norwegian towns and
parishes, and is said to have produced most beneficial results.

Banks. Norges Bank. Bergens Credit-Bank, and Privatbank, all in the
Torv. — Goods Agents. Ellerhnsen <(• Lund, Lille Altonagaarden,

Baths. Warm, in the Sygehus (PI. 3) in Engen and at Holdt’s (PI. c).
Sea-baths at the Setlyst (Pl. S), by the fortress; for gentlemen 7-9 and
3-S o’clock; for ladies 10-2 o’clock. — Hair-dresseTS: Andreas Pettersen,
Olaf Kyrre’s GadeG; B. Holmberg, Valkendorfs-Gade 6.

Theatre, performances thrice weekly. — Music in the Park on Sun.
& Wed., 12-1, also 8-10 p.m. (adm. 10 0.).

Consuls. British, Mr. H. B. Janson, Strand-Gade, S.W. side, a few
doors S.E. from the Smtirs-Almenning. American consul-general, Mr. F.

G. Gade, Smaastrand-Gade; vice-consul, Mr. Job. Isdahl.

English Church Service in summer in the ’■Gamle Musæum’
school-house, on the N. side of the Lille Lungcgaardsvand, near the Park, and
5 min. from Holdt’s Hotel.

Tourist Agencies. Beyer’s Inquiry Office, Strand-Gade 2, gives
information to tourists, sells hotel-coupons and steamboat-tickets, and supplies
guides; it also publishes a tourist journal entitled‘Beyer’s Weekly News’.
Bennett’s; Norsk Turist Bureau, Starvhus - Gade 5. — Strangers provided
with an introduction are admitted free for a week to the club ‘den Gode
llensigt’ or the ’Logen’.

Steamboats, comp, the Norges Communication^j pp. 8, 9. —
Steamboat Agent: C. A. Gundersen, Strand-Gade 71.

Bergen (N. lat. 60° 23’), one of the oldest and most picturesque
owns in Norway, with 47,000 inhab., lies on a hilly peninsula
and isthmus hounded on the N. by the Vang and the Byfjord, on
the S.E. by the Lungegaardsvand, and on the S.W. by the
Pudde-fjord. In the background rise four mountains, 1350-2100 ft. in
height, Blaamanden (with the Fløifjeld) to the N.E., Ulriken to the
S.E., Løvstakken to the S., and Lyderhorn to the S.W.; but the
citizens, on the analogy of the seven hills of Rome, enumerate
seven (SandviksfjelA, Fløifjeld, Ulriken, Løvstakken,
Damsgaards-fjeld, Lyderhorn, and the Askøfjeld in the island of Aske to the
N.W.). The armorial bearings of the town also contain seven hills
(formerly seven balls). The climate is exceedingly mild and humid,
somewhat resembling that of the W. coast of Scotland; the frosts
of winter are usually slight and of short duration, the thermometer
very rarely falling below 15-20° Fahr., and the average rainfall is
72 inches (in the Nordfjord about 35 in., at Christiania 26 in.
only). The mean temperature of the whole year is 45° Fahr
(Christiania, 41°), and that of July 58° (Christiania, 62°). Owing

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