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(1800) [MARC] [MARC] Author: Jöns Jacob Berzelius
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Regio Collegio Medico


Venia ampliss. ord. philos.
p. p.
chem. Adjunctus
Reg. Acad. Scient. Stockh. Membr.
Ostrog. Stip. Strandb.
In audit Gust. Maj. D. VI Decemb. MDCCC.

Litteris Joh. Fr. Edman, Reg. Acad. Typogr.

Preface to the Electronic Edition

This short paper is a "New analysis of the water at Medevi", written in Latin by Swedish chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius in the year 1800. Medevi is a spa close to Motala in south central Sweden, and an improved chemical analysis of its healthy mineral water was mandated by the advancement of chemistry since the previous analysis was performed by Torbern Bergman in 1783. Still today, the Medevi spa has kept its 18th century buildings and environment, and is a popular tourist attraction. (Learn more about Medevi spa)

In April 1999, this was Project Runeberg's first electronic edition in a non-Nordic language. Latin was still the lingua franca of science in 1800, and much of Nordic culture and science is preserved only in Latin. Project Runeberg continues to publish Nordic literature, but cannot be restricted to the Nordic languages.

This 15 page scientific paper was reprinted together with another one by the same author, De electricitatis galvanicæ..., in a small book: Jacobus Berzelius, Akademiska avhandlingar kommenterade av Jan Trofast, 1992, where both papers are translated to Swedish and commented by Jan Trofast. These translations and comments are of course covered by copyright, and that is why Project Runeberg only republishes the original text. Facsimile images were scanned in 600 dpi bitonal and are presented here in 120 dpi grayscale. The raw OCR text is not very good, and the reason for this is that we lack a Latin dictionary for our OCR software.

The above contents can be inspected in scanned images: imprimatur, title page

Korrstapel / Proof bar for this volume

Table of Contents

Title - imprimatur, title page
Nova analysis aquarum Medeviensium - 3
Vetus sive insimus fons - 4
Fons Medius - 13
Fons supremus - 14
Limes Medeviensis - 14
Fons Lokaënsis - 14
Limus Lokaënsis - 15

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