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(1927) [MARC] Author: Lilly Heber
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bare hendes egne ord kan gjengi rytmen i det mdi
ske folks marsj mot friheten i disse allerførste be
vægede kampår:
Wake up, India.
Hark! the tramp of marching numbers,
India, waking from her slumbers,
Calls us to the fray.
Not with weapons slaughter dealing,
Not with blood her triumph sealing,
But with peace-bells loudly pealing.
Dawns her Freedom’s Day.
Justice is her buckler stainless,
Argument her rapier painless,
Truth her pointed lance.
Hark! her song to Heaven ringing,
Hatreds all behind her flinging,
Peace and joy to all she’s bringing,
Love her shining glance.
Mother, Dear! all victorious,
Thou hast seen a vision glorious,
Dreamt of Liberty.
Now the vision has its ending.
In the truth, all dreams transcending,
Hope and fact together blending.
Free! from sea to sea.
By thy plains and snow-clad mountains,
By thy streams and rushing fountains,
By Himalayan heights,
By the past of splendid story,
By the hopes of future glory.
By the strenght of wisdom hoary,
Claim thy sacred Rights.

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