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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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the houses were in the Gothic style, others like
Grecian temples; and why not? The home ought
to be a temple as well as a habitation and a storehouse.
I also saw villages, churches, and all varieties
of buildings on the shores, the prevailing color
being white. Many private houses, however, were
of a soft gray or a sepia tint.

After a sail of between three and four hours,
we landed at the little town of Newburgh, where
Mr. Downing’s carriage awaited to convey us up
the hills to a beautiful villa of light sepia-colored
sandstone, with two small projecting towers.
Surrounded by a park, lying high and open, it has an
unobstructed view over the beautiful river and
its shores. A delicate, pretty little woman met
us at the door, embraced Mr. Downing, and
cordially welcomed his guests. This was Mrs.

The Astor House with its splendid rooms and
brilliant social life and the New World with all
its finery were good specimens of the showy side
of America; and Mr. Downing thought it was just
as well that I should at once see something of it,
that I might be better able to judge the other side
of American life—that which belongs to the inward,
more refined, and more peculiarly individual
development. And I could hardly have a better
example of this than in Mr. Downing himself and

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