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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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his home. He built his house himself, planted all
the trees and flowers around it, giving everything,
it seems to me, the stamp of a refined and earnest
mind. It stands in the midst of romantic scenery
and shadowy pathways, with the prettiest little
bits of detail and grand views. All has been done
with design, nothing by guess, nothing with formality.
Here a soul has felt, thought, arranged. A
certain darkness of tone prevails within the house;
all the wood-work is brown; even the daylight is
sombre, yet clear, or, more properly speaking,
pregnant with light—a sort of imprisoned sunshine,
something warm and profound, appearing
to me like a reflection of the man’s own brown
eyes. In forms, furniture, and arrangement the
finest taste prevails; everything is soft and noble,
and as comfortable as it is tasteful. The only
brilliant things in the rooms are the pretty flowers
in lovely vases and baskets. Besides, there are
books, busts, and some pictures. Above small
bookcases, in the form of Gothic windows, inserted
like niches in the walls of the parlor, stand busts
of Linné, Franklin, Newton, and many other
heroes of natural science. One sees in this dwelling
a decided and thorough individuality of character,
which has put its stamp on all that surrounds it,
and every one ought to mold himself and his own
world in a similar way. One feels here Mr.

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