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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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this is necessary—all this the Americans regard as
nothing at all. They have indeed the faith to
move mountains.

Now come the steamboats thundering like
tempests among the hills. Two or three chase each
other like brilliant meteors; two others plow along,
working heavily, laboring and puffing, and pulling
a whole fleet of larger and smaller craft. The
little town of Newburgh alone maintains, by its
trade from the country back of it, two or three
steamboats. When one sees the number and magnificence
of the Hudson steamers, one can scarcely
believe the fact, which is true nevertheless, that
it is not more than thirty years ago since Fulton
made here his first experiment with steam power
on the river, and that amid general distrust of the

Brooklyn, November 5, 1849. Again in New
York, or in that portion of the great city which is
called Brooklyn, and which is separated from New
York by the so-called East River, and wants to be
a city by itself, having full rights to be so because
of a character of its own. Brooklyn is as quiet as
New York is bewildering and noisy; Brooklyn is
built upon the heights of Long Island, has glorious
views over the wide harbor, and quiet, broad
streets, planted on both sides with alanthus trees,

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