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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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a Chinese variety of the acacia family, I think,
which has leaves resembling those of our ash, only
much broader and bearing long pods. There are
also other kinds of trees, with taller trunks, which
give shade and a rural, peaceful character to the
thoroughfares. It is said that the merchants of
New York go over to Brooklyn, where they have
their houses and homes, to sleep.

The effect of my American journey is altogether
different from what I had expected. I came hither
to breathe a new and fresher atmosphere of life; to
observe the popular life, institutions, and
circumstances of a new country; to become clearer in my
own mind on questions connected with the development
of nations and people; and, in particular,
to study the women and the homes of the New
World, and from the threshold of the home to
obtain a view of the future of humanity, because,
as the river is born from the springs of heaven, so
is the life and fate of a people born from the
private life of the home. I came, in a word, to occupy
myself with people’s affairs; and it is private
affairs, it is the individual which attracts my
interest, my feelings, my thoughts. I came with the
secret intention of breaking loose from fiction and
its subjects, and of living with thinkers for other
purposes; but I am compelled toward it more
forcibly than ever, compelled involuntarily both

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