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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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“What is the meaning of this?” said I to Mr.
Downing, who smiled quietly and replied, “Here
is a case of competition. Two vessels are emulous
for passengers, and these fellows are hired by the
two parties to puff their boats. They act this part
every day, and it means nothing at all.”

When we left the steamboat, we took our places
on the Hudson Railway, the same which is in
progress opposite Newburgh, and along we flew
with arrow-like speed to Mr. Hamilton’s villa,
which lies upon a height by the river side. Mr.
Hamilton took me out with him to visit various
small farmers of the district, so that I might see
something of their circumstances. At two of the
houses we arrived just at dinner-time, and I saw
the tables abundantly supplied with meat and cakes
of Indian meal, vegetables and fruit, as well as
with the most beautiful white bread.

There was a whole crowd of strangers to dinner
at Mr. Hamilton’s, among whom was Washington
Irving, a man of about sixty, with large, beautiful
eyes, a large, well-formed nose, a face still handsome,
in which youthful little dimples and smiles
bear witness to a youthfully fresh and humorous
disposition and soul. He is also said to have an
unusually happy temperament and a most excellent
heart. He has surrounded himself with a
number of nieces (he says he cannot conceive of

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