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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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what use boys are in this world) whom he makes
happy, and who make him so by their affection.
They say he has the peculiar faculty of liking
everything which he possesses, and everything that
seeks his protection. He is an optimist, but not a
conceited one.

He was my neighbor at table, and I did not
blame him for becoming sleepy; nor did I feel
responsible this time when people told me that he
was accustomed to be sleepy at big dinners, at
which I certainly am not surprised. But the dinner
to-day was not one of those long and tedious ones;
besides, he visibly endeavored to make the
conversation interesting and agreeable; and I, too,
did my best, as you may easily suppose, but we
did not succeed very well.

In the afternoon I begged him to allow me to
take a profile likeness of him; and, in order that
he might not go to sleep during the operation, I
asked Angelica Hamilton to sit opposite him and
talk to him. The plan succeeded excellently. The
handsome old gentleman now became wide awake,
loquacious and lively, and there was such vivacity
in his smile, and so much fun in all the merry
dimples of his countenance, that it is my own fault
if I have not made one of the best and most
characteristic portraits that have ever been taken of
this universally beloved author. I am glad to have

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