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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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were invited for the evening to Mrs. Sigourney,
the author of Pleasant Memories from Pleasant
, and here I shook hands with the whole
town, I believe, from the bishop, a handsome
prelate, to the school-girl, and played my usual
part in society. Mrs. Sigourney—a very kind little
sentimentalist, but a very agreeable lady, dressed
in green, about fifty years old, with a good
motherly demeanor—would perforce keep me all night,
and I could not return to my excellent chamber at
the hotel, which I would so gladly have done,
where I might have rested and been silent. In the
morning, however, I forgot the little annoyance in
breakfast and conversation with my kind hostess
and her pleasant only daughter. The sun shone
into the room, and the whole had the character of
a good home made warm by love. In such homes
I always do well, and I should like to have stayed
longer with Mrs. Sigourney had it been possible.
At parting she presented me with a handsome
volume of her collected poetical works, and
therein I read a poem called Our Country, for
which I had to kiss her hand, so beautiful, so
noble, and so truly feminine was the spirit it

After those pleasant morning hours, I was
obliged again to see people, and was therefore
taken out by my hostess in a carriage to see the

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