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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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strong features—a man who would excite attention,
in any company whatever, not only for his
figure but for the expression of singular mildness
and human love which marks his countenance. He
had lately arrived here from the Peace Congress,
I believe in Paris, and talked about peace principles,
of which much is said and taught in these the
oldest lands of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Boston, December 2. Here I am in the midst
of a severe cold, but in a warm and handsome room
in Revere House, with a glowing fire to bear me
company. In the forenoon I went to church, and
heard a singular kind of sermon from Theodore
Parker, a man of powerful character and richly
gifted as a speaker, who with a strong and fearless
spirit applies the morality of Christianity to
the political and social questions of the day and
country. He has a Socratic head and large, well-formed
hands. His whole being, expression, and
gestures, struck me as entirely original—the
expression of a determined and powerful nature.

Tuesday, December 4. I have just returned
from a little journey to Concord, the oldest town
in Massachusetts and the residence of Ralph
Waldo Emerson. We went there and arrived in
the midst of a regular snowstorm. But the

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