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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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beautiful little boy, his eldest son. He also lost
his first wife after having been married scarcely a

Emerson is now married for the second time and
has three children. Mrs. Emerson has beautiful
eyes, full of feeling, but she appears delicate, and
is in character very different from her husband.
He interested me without warming me. That
critical, cold, and crystalline nature may be very
estimable, quite healthy, and is in its way
beneficial for those who possess it, and also for others
who allow themselves to be measured and criticised
by it; but, as for me, David’s heart with
David’s songs!

I shall return to this home in consequence of a
very kind invitation to do so from Emerson and
his wife, and in order that I may see more of this
sphinx-like individual. From the worshipper of
nature, Emerson (who does not belong to any
church, and who will not permit his children to be
baptized, because he considers the nature of a
child purer than that of the ordinary sinful adult)
we went away to spend the night at the house of a
stern old Puritan, where we had long prayers,
kneeling with our faces to the wall.

I must tell you that, at a socialist meeting one
evening, I saw a great number of respectable-looking
people and heard theories of the future, as

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