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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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to how human beings, instead of going to heaven
as now by the thorny path, will wander thither on
roses, and more of the same kind. I heard also
various beautiful plans for accomplishing this, but
they were all conspicuous by their want of basis in
possibility and in human nature, such as it really
is. In general, it seems to me, that the socialists
fail by neglecting the consideration of the dualism
in human character. They do not see the evil,
and believe that everything can become right in
this world by outward institutions. During their
discussions I have a feeling of wandering among
the clouds, or of being lost in a great wood. The
humanistic side of their theories, however, their
endeavors for the best interests of humanity,
cannot be doubted.

P. S. I must tell you that I am not sure that I
have judged rightly of Emerson. I confess that
I was a little offended by the deprecating manner
in which he expressed himself about things and
persons whom I admired. I am not certain
whether a positiveness so little akin to my own
nature did not tempt me to act the fox and the
grapes. It is certain that Emerson’s manner and
behavior made upon me an impression unlike that
which other haughty natures produce, and which it
is easy for me to condemn as such or to despise
as such. Not so with Emerson; he can probably

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