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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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actress; she possesses great energy, but is deficient
in feminine grace and needs more color in her acting,
especially of the softer tone. This has reference
principally to her Meg Merrilies, which is a
fearful creation. Miss Cushman has represented
in her merely the witch, merely the horrible in
nature. But even the most horrible nature has
moments and traits of beauty; it has sun, repose, dew,
and the song of birds. Her Meg Merrilies is a
wild rock in the sea, around which tempests are
incessantly roaring, and which unceasingly
contends with clouds and waves. She was also too
hard and masculine for Lady Macbeth. It was
mostly in the night scene that her acting struck me
as beautiful, and that deploring cry so full of
anguish which she utters when she cannot wash the
blood from her hands, that I feel I shall never
forget. It thrilled my whole being, and I can
still hear it; I can hear it in gloomy moments and

I like Miss Cushman personally very much.
One sees obviously in her an honest, earnest, and
powerful soul, who regards life and her vocation
with a noble seriousness. She has, through great
difficulties, made her own way to the position
which, by universal recognition and esteem, she
now occupies. She belongs to an old Puritanic
family, and after her father’s misfortune she

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