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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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are always extempore, are permeated by the true,
inner life, and I feel them as a pleasant, refreshing
dew upon my head. With him lives his youngest
son, the poet, with his wife, as handsome and
happy a young couple as one can possibly imagine.
He is full of life and youthful ardor; she as gentle,
as delicate, and as fair as a lily, and one of the
most lovable women that I have seen in this country,
because her beauty is full of soul and grace, as
is everything which she says or does. This young
couple belong to the class of those in whom one has
perfect faith; one could not for an hour, nay
not for a moment, be doubtful about them. She,
like him, has a poetical tendency, and has also
written anonymously some poems, remarkable for
their deep and tender feeling, especially maternal,
but her mind has more philosophical depth than
his. Singularly enough, I did not discern in him
that profound, serious spirit which charmed me in
many of his poems. He seems to me to be predominantly
brilliant, witty, gay, especially in the
evening when he has what he calls his “evening
fever,” and his talk is then an incessant play of
fireworks. I find him very amiable and delightful;
he seems to have many friends, mostly young
men. Among his poems, the witty and satirical
are the most popular, as, for example, his Fable
for Critics
, in which in a good-humored way

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