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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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agreeable host, and gave us American wines, sherry and
champagne. The latter is especially good; it is
made from the Catawba grape at Cincinnati.
Then we dined at the home of a Swedenborgian, a
professor; and further, I have been at a “bee!”
And if you would know what this creature is in
society here, then behold! If a family is reduced
to poverty by fire or sickness, and the children are
in want of clothes or anything else, a number of
the ladies of the neighborhood who are in good
circumstances immediately get together at some
place and sew for them. Such a sewing assembly
is called a bee! And now there was a bee at the
house of Mrs. Sparks, the wife of the president
of the university, to sew for a family who had lost
all their clothing through fire, and I was invited
to be present at it. The bee-hive was fine, busy,
and gay, and had, if not honey, remarkably
good milk and cake to offer the working bees,
among whom I took my place, but not to do
very much.

December 25. I had almost forgotten—and
that I must not do—to tell you of a visit I had
this evening from the Quaker poet, Whittier, one
of the purest and most gifted of the poetical minds
of the Northern States, glowing for freedom,
truth, and justice, championing them in his songs,

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