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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and combating their enemies in the social life of
the New World; one of those Puritans who will
not bend to or endure injustice in any form. He
has a pleasing exterior; his figure is slender and
tall; he has a beautiful head with refined features,
black eyes full of fire, dark complexion, a fine
smile, and a lively but nervous manner. Both soul
and spirit have overstrained the nervous chords
and affected the body. He belongs to those
natures who would advance with firmness and joy to
martyrdom in a good cause, and yet who are never
comfortable in society, and look occasionally as
though they would like to run out of the door. I
feel that I should enjoy myself with Whittier, and
could make him feel at ease with me. I know
from my own experience what this nervous
bashfulness, caused by the over-exertion of the brain,
means, and how persons suffering therefrom
should be treated.—I have, also, had a little
botanic conversation with the distinguished professor
of botany here, Asa Gray, who came and presented
me with a bouquet of fragrant violets. He
gave me also out of his herbarium some specimens
of the American Linnéa borealis, which resembles
our Swedish, but is considerably smaller and has
somewhat different leaves. I had expected to
botanize a great deal in this country, but God
knows how it is!

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