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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Boston, January 1, 1850. It was not without
pain that I left the Lowells. They are
extremely estimable people, and I have really a
sisterly affection for them. But my little woman
doctor, Miss Hunt, practically carried me off by
force. I had not much inclination for the visit,
but it turned out much better than I expected. In
the first place, it was amusing to become better
acquainted with this very peculiar individual.
People may have better manners, more tact, and
so on, but it would be impossible to have a better
heart, more feeling for the best interests of
mankind, and on the whole more practical sagacity.
She is of a Quaker family, and with that
determined will and energy which belongs to the
Quaker temperament, she early resolved to open
both for herself and her sex a path which she
considered it important that women should pursue,
and toward which she felt herself drawn in an
especial manner. She, therefore, together with a
younger sister, took private instructions from an
able and well-disposed physician; and she has now,
for her sister is married, been in practice twelve
years as a physician of women and children,
acquiring the public confidence and laying up
property (as for instance the house in which she lives,
a frugally furnished but excellent house, is her
own), and, as I heard from many, aiding a great

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