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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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number of ladies in sickness and in diseases peculiar
to their sex. She has especially been a benefactor
to the women of the lower classes, giving
them lectures on physiology that have been attended
by hundreds of women. She read them to me,
and her introductory lecture gave me a high
opinion of the little doctor and her powers of
mind. I was really delighted with her, and now
for the first time fully saw the importance of
women devoting themselves to the medical
profession. The view she took of the human body
and its value had a thoroughly religious tendency,
and when she impressed upon the woman’s mind
and heart that she should value her own and her
child’s physical frame, to understand them aright
in order to take care of them right, it was because
their destination was lofty, because they are the
habitations of the soul and the temples of God.
There was an earnestness, a simplicity, and an
honesty in her representations; integrity and purity
in every word; the style was of the highest class,
and these lectures could not but operate powerfully
upon every poor human heart, and in particular
upon the heart of every mother. And
when one reflects how important for future
generations is the proper estimation of the woman
and child, how much depends upon diet, upon that
fostering which lies beyond the sphere of the

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