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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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physician and his examination, and which women
alone can rightly understand, who can doubt the
importance of the female physician, in whose case
science steps in to aid the natural sense and to
constitute her the best helper and counselor of
women and children?

January 8. I have also been present at one
of the “Conversations” of Alcott, the
Transcendentalist, and have even taken part in the
discourse. There were present from forty to fifty
people, all seated on benches. Alcott sits in a
pulpit with his face toward the people, and begins
the conversation by reading something aloud.
On this occasion it was from the writings of
Pythagoras. He is a handsome man, of gentle
manners, but a dreamer, whose Pythagorean
wisdom will hardly make people wiser nowadays.
He himself has lived for many years on bread,
fruits, vegetables, and water; and this is what he
wishes all other people to do; and thus fed, they
would become, according to his theory, beautiful,
good, and happy beings. Sin is to be driven out
by diet; and the sacred flood of enthusiasm would
constantly flow through the human being purified
and beautified by diet. Both the proposition and
the conversation were in the clouds, although I
made a few attempts to draw them forth. Alcott

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