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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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drank water, and we drank—fog. He has paid
me a few visits, and has interested me as a study.
He passed last evening with me and my host, the
Swedish consul Benzon, and entertained us with
various portions of his doctrine. All blonde and
blue-eyed people, according to him, belong to the
nation of light, to the realm of light and goodness.
I should think Lowell would be Alcott’s ideal of a
son of light; all persons, however, with dark eyes
and hair emanate from the night and evil. I
mentioned Wilberforce, and other champions of the
light, with dark hair. But the good Alcott would
not listen to objections, and his conversations
consist in his doing all the talking and teaching. We
drank tea, and I endeavored to persuade Alcott to
drink at least a glass of milk. But that was too
much akin to animal food. He would not take
anything but a glass of water and a piece of bread.
He is at all events a Transcendentalist who lives
as he teaches.

Boston, January 22. Now I must tell you about
Concord, and the sphinx there, Waldo Emerson,
for I went to Concord five days ago, attended
by myself. I was wretchedly unwell; whatever
the cause might be, I sat, weak with fever and
dejected in mind, by the side of the strong man,
silent and without being able to say a single

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