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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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word, merely mechanically turning my head as
he pointed out to me a few remarkable places
which we passed. And he understood perfectly
that I was tired and ill, and let me be silent.
I was oppressed with the feeling that I should
fall to pieces during the first four and twenty
hours that I was in Emerson’s house; but after
that,—I became quite well again. During the
four days that I remained in Emerson’s house,
I had a real enjoyment in the study of this
strong, noble, eagle-like nature. Any close
rapprochement was imperfect, because our characters
and views are fundamentally dissimilar, and the
secret antagonism which exists in me toward him
despite my admiration, would at times awake, and
this easily called forth his icy alp nature, repellent
and chilling. But this is not the original nature of
the man; he does not rightly thrive in it, and he
gladly throws it off, if he can, and is much happier,
as one can see, in a mild and sunny atmosphere,
where the natural beauty of his being may breathe
freely and expand into blossom, touched by that of
others as by a living breeze. I enjoyed the
contemplation of him, in his demeanor, his
expression, his mode of talking, and his every-day life,
as I enjoy contemplating the calm flow of a river
bearing along, between flowery shores, large and
small vessels, and as I love to see the eagle

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