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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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circling in the clouds, resting upon them and
its pinions. Emerson allows nothing to tear him away
from this calm elevation, be it great or small,
prosperity or adversity. Pantheistic as Emerson is in
his philosophy, in his moral view of the world and
life, he is in a high degree pure, noble, and severe,
demanding as much from himself as from others.
His words are severe, his judgments often sharp
and merciless, but his person is alike noble and
pleasing, and his voice beautiful. One may
quarrel with Emerson’s thoughts, with his judgment,
but not with himself. That which struck me most,
as distinguishing him from other human beings, is
nobility. He is a born nobleman.

I enjoyed Emerson’s conversation, which flowed
as calmly and easily as a deep and placid river. It
was animating to me both when I agreed and when
I dissented; there was always something
important in what he said, and he listened attentively,
comprehended and replied well also. But whether
it was the weariness of the spirit, or a feeling of
esteem for his peace and freedom, I know not,
but I did not invite his conversation. When it
came, it was good; when it did not come, it was
good also, especially if he were in the room. His
presence was agreeable to me. He was amiable
in his attention to me, and in his mode of
entertaining me as a stranger and guest in his house.

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