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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and that is Ralph Waldo Emerson. The others
seem to me to stretch themselves out, and to
powder themselves, merely to look lofty and
snow-crowned; but that does not help them. They
have more pretension than power. Their brows
are in the clouds instead of towering above

But enough of the Transcendentalists. I must,
however, say a few words about a lady who
belongs to this sect, and whose name I have
frequently heard since I came to America, partly
with blame and in part with praise, but always with
a certain amount of distinction, namely, Margaret
Fuller. Although devoid of beauty and rather
disagreeable than agreeable in her manners, she
seems to be gifted with singular talents and to
have an actual genius for conversation. Emerson,
speaking with admiration of her powers, said,
“Conviction dwells upon her lips.” Certain it is
that I have never heard of a woman in this country
possessed of so much ability for awakening
enthusiasm in the minds of her friends. Emerson
said of her, with his usual almost alarming candor,
“She has many great qualities; many great faults
also.” Among these latter appear to be her
arrogance and her contemptuous manner toward
others less gifted than herself. I have also heard
that she could repent of and ask pardon for severe

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