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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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water, and brings forth merely hazy and cloudy
ideas. He should drink wine and eat meat, or at
least fish, so that there might be marrow and
substance in his ideas. Marcus, too, was amused at
the Conversation, but in his quiet way. Among
the audience were some ladies with splendid,
intelligent foreheads and beautiful forms. But I did not
hear them say a word: I wonder how they could
sit still and listen in silence; for my part, I could
not do it. And although the company were invited
to a new series of Conversations, this of a
certainty will be the last that I shall attend.

January 26. Alcott came to me yesterday
afternoon. We conversed for two hours. He
explained himself better during our dialogue than
in his public Conversation, and I understood better
than hitherto that there was really at the bottom
of his reform movement a true and excellent
thought. This thought is the importance of an
earnest and holy disposition of mind in those who
enter into the bonds of wedlock, so that the union
may be noble and its offspring good and beautiful.
His plans for bringing about these beautiful and
holy marriages between ideal people (for none
other are to enter into matrimony—oh! oh! for
the many!) may be right for aught I know. They
are better and more accordant to human nature

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