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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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than those of Plato for the same purpose. But
who will deny that it would be better for the world
if they who cause human beings to be born into it
did it with a higher consciousness, with a deeper
sense of responsibility? Marriage, regarded from
this angle, occupies in general a pretty low plane.
A man and woman marry to be happy, selfishly
happy, and beyond that the thought seldom
extends; it does not elevate itself to the higher
thought, “We shall give life to immortal beings!”
And yet this is the highest purport of marriage.
Married couples who do not have offspring of
their own may fulfill its duties by adopting orphan

When Alcott was gone, Emerson came and remained
a good hour with me. He is iron, even as
the other is water. And yet his world floats in an
element of disintegration and has no firm, unwavering
forms. It is mysterious how such a powerful
and concrete nature as his can be satisfied with
such disintegrated views. I can find fault with
Emerson’s mode of thought, but I must bow before
his spirit and his nature....

The other evening I attended a large party of
Boston fashionables. The company seemed to me
showy and aristocratic rather than pleasant. I
saw there a couple of figures such as I had not
looked for in the drawing-rooms of the New

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