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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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aided one another, these men and women; how
they persevered through all sorrow and adversity,
in life and death! They lived surrounded by
dangers, in warfare with the natives; they suffered
from the climate, from the want of habitations and
conveniences, and from the lack of food. They
lay sick; they saw their beloved die; they suffered
hunger and cold; but still they persevered.
Habitations they had built were destroyed, and
they built afresh. Amid their struggles with want
and adversity, amid the Indians’ rain of arrows,
they founded their commonwealth and their
church; they formed laws, established schools,
and all that could give stability and strength to a
human community. They wielded the sword with
one hand and guided the plow with the other.
Amid increasing jeopardy of life, they reflected
on the welfare of their successors, and framed
laws which every one must admire for their
sagacity, purity, and humanity. Even the animal
creation was placed under the protection of these
laws, and punishment fixed for the mistreatment
of the beast.

And when from the land of the Pilgrims I look
abroad over the United States, I see everywhere,
in the South, North, and West, the country populated,
the empire founded by a people composed of
all European peoples who suffered persecution for

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