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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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when he has improved himself, if not before, he
thinks of employing his pound for the public good.
He puts it by, but not for selfish purposes. Public
spirit is the animating principle of his life, and he
prefers to leave behind him the name of an
esteemed and beloved citizen rather than a large
property. He likes to leave what he has acquired
to some institution or benevolent establishment,
which henceforth commonly bears his name. And
I know those whose benevolence is so pure that
they slight even this reward.

The ideal of society is attained in part by the
individual coming up to his own ideal; in part by
those free institutions and associations in which
mankind is brought into a brotherly relation one
with the other and share a mutual responsibility.
Everything for all is the true object of society.
Every one must be able to enjoy all the good things
of earth, both temporal and spiritual, every one
according to his own capacity for enjoyment.
None may be excluded who does not exclude himself.
The chance of regaining his place in society
must be given to every one. For this reason the
prison must be an institution for improvement, a
second school for those who need it. Society must
in its many-sided development so organize itself
that all may be able to attain everything:
Everything for everybody.

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