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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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The ideal of the man of America seems to me
to be purity of intention, decision in will, energy
in action, simplicity in manner and demeanor.
Hence there is something tender and chivalric in
his behavior toward woman, which is infinitely
becoming to him. In every woman he respects his
own mother. Similarly, it appears to me that the
ideal of the woman of America is independence of
character, gentleness of demeanor and manner.

Of the American home I have seen and heard
enough to say that the women have, in general, all
the dominion there that they care to have. Woman
is the center and the lawgiver in the home of the
New World, and the American man loves to have
it so. He wishes that his wife should have her
own will in the home, and he loves to obey it. I
must, however, say that in the happy homes in
which I lived I saw the wife equally careful to
guide herself by the wishes of her husband as he
was to indulge hers. Affection and sound reason
make all things equal.

The educational institutions for women are in
general much superior here to those of Europe;
and perhaps the most important work which
America is doing for the future of humanity
consists in her treatment and education of women.
Woman’s increasing value as a teacher, and the
employment of her as such in the public schools,

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