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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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even in those for boys, is a public fact in these
states which greatly delights me. Seminaries have
been established to educate her for this vocation.
It even seems as though the daughters of New
England had a peculiar faculty and love for this
employment. Young girls of fortune devote themselves
to it. The daughters of poor farmers go to
work in the manufactories a sufficient time to earn
the necessary sum to put themselves through
school, and thus to become teachers in due course.
Whole crowds of school-teachers go hence to the
western and southern states, where schools are
daily being established and placed under their
direction. The young daughters of New England
are universally commended for their character and
ability. Even Waldo Emerson, who does not
easily praise, spoke in commendation of them. In
school they learn the classics, physics, mathematics,
such as algebra, with great ease and pass their
examinations like young men. Not long since a
young lady in Nantucket, not far from Boston,
distinguished herself in astronomy, discovered a
new planet, and received in consequence a medal
from the King of Prussia.

February 3. Since I last wrote I have spent an
amusing evening at an anti-slavery meeting in
Faneuil Hall, which was very exciting. Mr.

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