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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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the greatest possible brevity. Hawthorne is
one of the youngest prose writers of North
America, who has already won great renown. His
works have been sent to me by some anonymous
female friend, whom I hope yet to discover, that I
may thank her. He treats national subjects with
great earnestness and freshness; and that mystical,
gloomy sentiment which permeates his pictures,
like a nocturnal sky dotted with stars, exercises a
magic influence on the mind of the New World,
perhaps because it is so unlike their everyday life.
The story which Sumner read to me is called The
Great Stone Face
, and the idea seems to be taken
from the actual large rock countenance which it is
said may be seen at one place in the mountains of
New Hampshire, the White Mountains, as they
are called, and which is known under the name of
the "Old Man of the Mountain." [The story follows.]

Hawthorne is essentially a poet and idealist by
nature. He is for the profound, contemplative
life what N. P. Willis, with his witty, lively pen, is
for the real and the external. The former seeks
to penetrate into the interior of the earth, the
latter makes “pencillings by the way;” the former is
a solitary student, the latter a man of the world.
Just now Hawthorne’s latest work, The Scarlet
, is making a great sensation, and is

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