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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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eulogized as a work of genius. Hawthorne belongs
to the retiring class of poetical natures.

Cooper and Washington Irving—the former
lives on his own property west of New
York—have already by their works made us better
acquainted with a part of the world of which we
before knew little more than the names Niagara
and Washington. In addition to these poets in
prose, several women of the northern states have
distinguished themselves as authors of novels and
tales. Foremost of these is Miss Sedgwick, with
whose excellent characteristic descriptions and
delineations of American scenes even we in Sweden
are acquainted; Mrs. Lydia Maria Child, who, in
her pictures of the life of antiquity, as well as that
of the present time, expresses her love for the ideal
beauty of life; and many others. Of Mrs. Sigourney
I have already spoken. Mrs. L. Hall, the
author of a great dramatic poem, Miriam, I know
as yet merely by report. Of the lesser authoresses
and poetesses I say nothing, for they are legion.
The latter sing like birds in springtime. There
are a great many siskins, bullfinches, and sparrows;
here and there a thrush, with its deep, eloquent
notes, beautiful though few; but I have not
yet heard among these minstrels either the rich,
inspiring song of the lark, or the full inspiration of
the nightingale; and I do not know whether this

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