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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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rich, artistic inspiration belongs to the womanly
nature. I have not, in general, much belief in the
ability of woman as a creative artist. Unwritten
lyrics, as Emerson said once when we conversed
on this subject, should be her forte.

February 15. One day I visited the celebrated
manufactories of Lowell. I would willingly have
declined the journey, because it was so cold, but
they had invited strangers to meet me, got up an
entertainment, and therefore I was obliged to go.
And I did not regret it. I had a glorious view
from the top of Dewcroft Hill, in that cold,
starlight winter evening, of the manufactories of
Lowell, lying below in a half-circle, glittering with
a thousand lights like a magic castle on the
snow-covered ground. And then to think and to know
that these lights were not ignes fatui, not merely
pomp and show, but that they were actually symbols
of a healthful and hopeful life in the persons
whose labor they lighted; to know that within
every heart in this palace of labor burned a bright
little light, illumining a future of comfort and
prosperity which every day and every turn of the
wheel only brought the nearer. In truth there was
a deep purpose in these brilliant lights, and I
beheld this illumination with a joy that made the
winter’s night feel warm to me.

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