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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and in a few years are able to leave the
manufactory and undertake less laborious work.

During my stay in Boston I have visited different
churches, and it has so happened that the greatest
number of them have belonged to the Unitarian
body. So great, indeed, is the predominance of
this sect in Boston that it is generally called “the
Unitarian city.” And as it has also happened that
many of my most intimate acquaintances here are
of this faith, it has been believed by many that I
also am of this confession. You know how far I
am otherwise, and how insufficient and unsatisfying
to my mind were those religious views which I held
during a few months of my life, and which I
abandoned for others more comprehensive. In
this country, however, it is more consistent with
my feelings not to follow my own sympathies, but
to make myself acquainted with every important
phase of feeling or intellect in its fullest
individuality. I therefore endeavor to see and study in
every place that which is characteristic. Hence, I
shall in America visit the churches of every sect
and hear, if possible, the best teachers of all. The
differences of these, however important they may
be for the speculative understanding of the entire
system of life, are of much less importance to practical
Christianity and to the inward life. All
Christian sects acknowledge, after all, the same

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