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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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opposition to the doctrine of a mechanical Trinity and
the petrified State Church, the Episcopalian, which
held it. The latter lays most stress upon faith, the
former on works. Both acknowledge Christ—the
one as God, the other as divine humanity—and
regard Him as the highest object for the imitation
of man. Both have individuals within their pale
who prove that in either one can advance equally
far in the sanctification of life, and may in the same
degree deserve the name of a Christian.

I have heard two good sermons from the clergy
of the old State Church in this country. It seems
to me that this Church is regarded as the peculiarly
aristocratic one here, and that the fashionable
portion of society generally belongs to it; it belongs to
people of good ton. But the speculative mind of
the Church does not seem to have emerged from
its confines of the Middle Ages; it still opposes
faith to reason....

As regards my own private friends, I do not
trouble myself in the least about their religious
sect; they may be Trinitarians, Unitarians, Calvinists,
Baptists, or anything else, so long as they are
noble and worthy to be loved. Here, also, are
many people who, without belonging to any distinct
church, attend any one where there is a good
preacher, and for the rest, live according to the
great truths which Christianity utters, and which

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