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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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they receive into their hearts. Some of my best
friends in this country belong to the invisible
Church of God.

February 19. Yesterday afternoon Emerson
called on me, and we had a very serious conversation
together. I was afraid that the admiration
and the delight with which he had inspired me had
caused me to withhold my own confession of faith,
had caused me apparently to pay homage to his,
and thereby to be unfaithful to my own higher
love. This I could not be. And exactly because I
regarded him as being so noble and magnanimous,
I wished to become clear before him as well as
before my own conscience. I wished also to hear
what objection he could offer against a world
viewed from the Christian standpoint, which in
concrete life and reality stands so infinitely above
that of the pantheist, which resolves all concrete
life into the elemental.... If my conversation
with Emerson did not lead to anything very satisfactory,
it led, nevertheless, to a still firmer conviction
of his nobility and love of truth. He is
faithful to the law in his own breast, and speaks
out the truth which he inwardly recognizes. He
does right. By this means he will prepare the
way for a truer comprehension of religion and

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