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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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how beautiful will my husband, my friend, my
brother become when this his failing or that his
shortcoming is done away with; when he stands
forth transfigured through the divine life! How
patient, how gentle, how affectionate, and hopeful
are we not capable of becoming! Such was the
substance of the young minister’s discourse, but
how earnestly and convincingly he spoke is not
for me to describe. I also partook of the sacrament,
to which he invited all Christians present,
of whatever name or sect they might be, as well
as strangers from other lands. The bread (small
square pieces upon a plate) and the wine were
carried to the pews and passed on from hand to
hand, which detracted considerably from the
solemnity of the ceremony. How beautiful is our
procession to the altar, and after that the
hallelujah of the congregation!

The prayers, it seems to me, are better in
Sweden than in the congregations here; but still
they might be improved even with us. In the
Episcopal churches of this land the prayers are
repeated from a printed form in a book, and it
frequently happens that the soul has no part in
these. It is a mere prating with the lips. In the
Unitarian churches the preacher prays for the
congregation, and in its name, prays an infinitely long
prayer, which has the inconvenience of saying

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