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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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altogether too much, of using too many words, and
yet of not saying what any single individual ought
to say. How often have I thought during these
long prayers, how much more perfect it would be
if the minister merely said, “Lord, help us!” or,
“Lord, let thy countenance shine upon us!” Better
than all would it be, as Jean Paul proposed,
that the minister should merely say, “Let us
pray!” while some beautiful soul-touching music
were playing, and the whole congregation praying
in silence, according to the wants and inspirations
of their souls. Of a truth, then would prayers
ascend more pure and fervent than any prescribed
by human forms and tongues. We should then
have on earth a worship of God in spirit and
truth, a vital expression of the life and truth of

But I must yet say a few words about that young
disciple of Calvin, Henry Beecher, who has left
far behind him whatever is hard and petrified in
the orthodoxy of Calvin and, breaking away from
it, has attached himself to the true Christian
doctrine of mercy for all. He was with us last evening
and told us how, as a missionary, he had preached
in the West, beneath the open sky, to the people
of the wilderness, and how, during his lonely journeys
amid those grand primeval scenes, and during
his daily experience of that most vitalizing

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