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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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influence of Christianity upon the healthy human
soul, he had by degrees introduced order into his
own inward world, had solved hitherto difficult
religious questions, and had emerged from the
old dead Church into one more comprehensive and
more full of light. He described also, in the most
picturesque manner, the nocturnal camp-meeting
of the West; the scenes of baptisms there on the
banks of the streams and rivers, both in their
poetical and in their frequently comic aspects.
There is something of the expanse and vegetative
growth of the great Western wilds in this young
man; but a little of crudity, also. He is a bold,
ardent champion of that young America, too richly
endowed, and too much acknowledged as such, not
to be keenly conscious of its own ego. And even
in his sermons this I was somewhat too
prominent. But more and more I feel what a great
interest I shall take in visiting that great West,
where “growth” seems to be the only available
watchword; where in the immeasurable valley of
the Mississippi, between the Alleghanies and the
Rocky Mountains, there is said to be room for a
larger population than in the whole of Europe;
and where a great and new people are developing,
through a union of all races, within the embrace
of a grand and mighty natural scenery, which, like
a strong mother, will bring them up to a higher

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