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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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until he succeeds. Nay, he does not stop then.
He never stops. His work and will is to be always
working, building, starting afresh or beginning
something new, always developing, extending himself
or his country; and some one has told me
truthfully that all the enjoyments of heaven would
not suffice to keep an American in one place if he
were sure of finding another farther west, for then
he would have to be there to build and cultivate.
It is the viking spirit again; not the old pagan,
however, but the Christian, which does not conquer
to destroy, but to ennoble. Nor does he do
it with difficulty and sighs, but cheerfully and with
good courage. He can sing, “Yankee Doodle”
even in his mishaps; for if a thing will not go this
way it will go that. He is at home on earth and
can turn everything to his own account. Before
he reaches middle life, he has been a schoolmaster,
farmer, lawyer, soldier, author, and statesman—has
tried every kind of profession, and felt at
home in them all; and besides this has traveled
over half or the whole of the world. Wherever
he comes on earth, in whatever circumstances, he
is sustained by a two-fold consciousness which
makes him strong and tranquil; that is to say, he
is a man who can rely upon himself, the citizen of
a great nation designed to be the greatest on the
earth. He thus feels himself to be the lord of

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