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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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deny it outright. They may be good as temporary
means of leading women into those spheres of
knowledge from which they have hitherto been
excluded. Thus these young ladies are universally
commended for their ability and progress in
mathematical studies and physics. It is clear,
however, that the pursuit of scholastic work must
involve the neglect of much domestic virtue and
pleasure. The young girl, in her zeal to prepare
her lessons, snubs her mother and looks cross at
her father, if either ventures to interrupt her.
It arouses ambition at the expense of her heart.
It lays too much stress upon school learning. The
highest object of schools should be to prepare
people to do without them. At all events, the life
of the young girl should be divided between the
school and the home, so that the school may have
but a small part of it. The good home is the true
high school.

But I almost reproach myself for saying so
much against an institution where I experienced so
much of the young heart’s warmth as I did there.
Certain it is that I embraced and was embraced,
that I kissed and was kissed, by daughters and
nieces, mammas and aunts, so that there was
almost too much of it. But the tenderness and
kindness warmed my heart, and I bore away with
me many lively memories of it.

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