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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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astonishes and annoys me here, and which I did not
expect to find, is that I hardly ever meet a man,
or woman either, who can openly and honestly
look the thing in the face. They wind and turn
about in all sorts of ways, making use of every
argument, sometimes the most contradictory, to
convince me that the slaves are the happiest people
in the world and do not wish to have their
condition altered or to be placed in any other
relationship to their masters than the present one.
In many cases and under certain circumstances this
is true; and it occurs more frequently than the
Northerners believe. But there is such an abundance
of unfortunate examples, and always must
be in this system, that the idea is detestable.

In general the house slaves here seem to be
well treated; and I have been in houses where
their rooms and furnishings (for every servant,
male or female, has his own pleasant room) are
much better than those provided for the free
servants of our country. The relationship between
the servant and the employer seems also, for the
most part, to be good and genuine; the older servants
especially seem to stand in that affectionate
relationship to the family which characterizes a
patriarchal condition, and which it is so beautiful
to witness in our good families between servant
and employer; but with this important difference,

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