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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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that with us the relationship is the free-will
attachment of one rational being to another. Here,
also, may often occur this free-will attachment,
but it is then a conquest over slavery and that
slavish relationship, and I fancy that here nobody
knows exactly what it is. In the meantime, it is
true that the negro race has a strong instinct of
devotion and veneration, and this may be seen in
the people’s eyes; they have a peculiar, kind,
faithful, and affectionate expression which I like,
and which reminds me of the expression in the eye
of a dog. Also, they have a natural tendency to
subordination to the white race and to obey the higher
intelligence; and white mothers and black
nurses prove continually the exclusive love of the
latter for the child of the white. No better
foster-mother, no better nurse, can any one have for
her children than a black woman; and in general
no better sick nurses than the blacks, either male
or female. They are naturally good-tempered
and devoted; and if the white “Massa”
and “Missis,” as the negroes call their owners, are
kind on their part, the relationship between them and
“Daddy” and “Mammy,” as the black servants
are called, especially if they are well on in
years, is actually good and tender. But neither
are circumstances of quite the opposite wanting.
The tribunals of Carolina and its better class

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