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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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communities have yet fresh in their memories deeds
of cruelty done to house-slaves which rival the
worst abominations of heathen times. Some of
the very blackest of these deeds have been
perpetrated by women; by women in the higher class
of Charleston society! Only lately a rich planter
has been condemned to two years’ imprisonment
in the House of Correction for barbarous treatment
of a slave. And then it must be borne in
mind that the public tribunal does not take
cognizance of any cruelties except those that are too
horrible to be passed over. When I bring forward
these universally known circumstances in my
arguments with the patrons and patronesses of
slavery, they reply, “Even in your country, and
in all countries, there are masters and mistresses
who are sometimes severe to their servants.” To
which I reply, “But then they can leave them!”
To this they have nothing to say, and look

Ahl the curse of slavery, as the common phrase
goes, has fallen not merely on the black, but
perhaps at this moment still more upon the white,
because it has warped his sense of truth and has
degraded his moral nature. The position and the
treatment of the blacks, however, really improve
from year to year; while the whites do not seem
to advance in enlightenment. Yet I must see and

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